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Ukraine Strong Candle

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We are reaching out yet again in support of Ukraine as we approach the one-year mark since Russia began their full invasion. While most of us have lived our lives in daily peace and security, led to believe by the media that our world is uninterrupted and overseas issues have little to no effect, the Ukrainian people have gone through the unimaginable this year. Russia has had absurd reasons to kill Ukrainian people, bomb cities daily, destroy infrastructure and the lives of innocent people all while creating ecological disaster for their imperialistic ambitions.

Unfortunately, here are some painful statistics of 2022 resulting from the ongoing war, as of Feb 1, 2023:

1. Children Killed 459 | Injured918

2. Civil People Killed 7,031Injured — 11,327

3. Around 5,000 Russian missiles launched on to Ukraine

4. 6 million people had to leave the country

5. Infrastructure lost worth up to $63 billion dollars.

6. People leaving in fear daily surrounded by sirens and bombs

7. Irreversible agricultural and biological catastrophe has been caused 50,000 dolphins were killed in the Black Sea because of Russian sea missiles launched from the sea

8. Around 200,000 sq kilometers of land needs anti-personal mines to be removed.

Today we want to ask you to help us support the Ukrainian army. So many brave, strong soldiers continue giving their lives to fight every day against invaders to protect their motherland, their children, their families and freedom! We really want to help them. Last year we were able to donate close to $12,000 with everyones support. We are so honored to live in this strong, safe and democratic country. We know many people who care and have strong values, and we believe those people have the strength to help build, support and make a real difference for this effort so one day Ukraine will be free from this war and from Russia. Your support today can help Ukraine be an independent, thriving country full of the happiness and security they deserve in the future!

For this initiative we created a candle Ukraine Strong. All profit from these candles will go towards donations to support the Ukrainian army. We will have this candle available for a couple of weeks. If you are getting it as gift, we can include our cotton MION branded bag complimentary.

Ingredients: organic soy wax, organic hemp wick, lavender, eucalyptus, grapefruit essential oils

Weight: 7 fl oz.