About MION Artisan Soap Co.


My husband and I have always devoted ourselves to living a healthy and clean lifestyle. When our son was born, it only motivated us to focus more on our personal wellness and lead by example with a clean and simple approach to the things we use and consume daily. When we had our daughter Sophie, we quickly realized expanding our baby products was way overdue. Today, we’re a blessed family of four who try to eat organic and locally produced food, wear simple cotton clothing, raise healthy spirits, practice yoga, explore the outdoors and, most importantly, use all natural skin and body products that are safe for our home and the environment.

Many years ago I developed eczema, and my daughter seems to have inherited sensitive skin as well. In search of a solution, I spent a lot of time and money on products that temporarily relieved my symptoms or even worse — didn’t seem to work at all. Eventually, I began doing research on how to make homemade lotions and dedicated my time to studying various natural oils, butters and herbs. Before I knew it, I had created my own remedy.
Over the years, I continued to research and experiment with different ingredients and perfected the lotion that I use today as my eczema treatment. This one creation led me to a number of products that are my go-to best kept secrets for stretch marks, acne, hair growth and more. Creating MION and producing products that have helped me in a way that can help others has been the most rewarding part of our business.
Since our journey began, we have always used the highest quality of ingredients, without the use of preservative, parabens, artificial colorings and perfumes. We use a variety of herbs that give our products their unique vibrant colors and are blended to maximize the beneficial  effects of each ingredient.
We are truly proud of our work and we love to share our creations with our customers. What started off as a table with a handful of products at a farmer’s market has transformed into our dream made a reality by customers like you.
Trust us to take care of your skin as we take care of our own.