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At MION Artisan Soap

we want you to let us take care of your skin as we take care of our own. Family owned and operated in Wheaton, IL, we create all of our natural products with love and care in intentionally small batches. With no preservatives, chemicals or parabens, we use nourishing and natural ingredients like essential oils, butters and herbs in our products so that your skin glows as much as you do.

Farmers Markets 2020

👩‍🌾 Visit us at farmer’s markets, get fresh fruits, veggies, bread, pastries, meat, eggs, cheese and much more from local farmers, bakeries and restaurants.

Every Monday - Hinsdale Farmers Market
30 E Chicago Avenue, Hinsdale, Illinois 60521
7am -1pm

Every Wednesday - Elmhurst Farmers Market
541 S York St, Elmhurst, IL 60126
7am - 1pm

​Every Friday - Elgin Farmers Market
31 S Grove Ave #100, Elgin, IL 60120 
3pm - 7pm

Every Saturday - Wheaton French Market
E Liberty Dr. & S Cross St., Wheaton IL

Every Sunday - Geneva French Market
South St. & S 4th Street, Geneva IL

About our produtcs

Our goal is to provide safe and pure body products for our family, our customers and the environment. Our product made of natural ingredients, herbs, essential oils and butters, no preservatives, chemicals, acids or artificial colors.

About MION Artisan Soap

Visit our store at

204 W Wesley St., Wheaton, IL 60187

Mon-Sat - 10am-6pm

Sunday - 11am-5pm



I am so loving this website!! I purchased several items at the Ressurection craft fair and i am obsessed with all the products, but mostly the Whipped Shea Butter.  its so very creamy and sinks in nicely.  it has such a delicate scent.  must buy more jars to carry in purse, leave by bedside, etc!!  I am trying to purchase and use only paraben free products.  I love the effort that is made to buy local fresh ingredients to use in these products.  makes me very happy and i will be a customer as long as these products are made!!  the soaps are divine too.  delicate scents and creamy smooth and so good for the skin.  i could go on and on.  looking forward to the next show!!  thank you so much!!

Lola Tiefenthal

I bought your Rosehip Anti Wrinkle Night Cream and I absolutely LOVE it. I noticed a difference day 1! Keep it coming, great great products!

Maria Lorscheider-Walsh

Every product I have tried from MION Artisan Soap has been wonderful.  The soaps are incredible with very unique mixtures and they not only smell awesome they have all natural ingredients.  I have also tried the Matcha scrub and night cream which are great as well.  Olga is a gem and very knowledgeable about her products.  She is someone you can definitely trust with your skincare.  I am thrilled I found this shop and will continue to be a loyal customer!!!

Lynnette Reardon

Seriously, I've used many wonderful skin care products over the years, and supported many handmade artisanal products. From the moment I touched this cream I knew it was going to be incredible. My skin soaked in all the goodness and immediately looked and felt better.

Constance Hart

Wild Chamomile Soap review:
“This soap is AMAZING!! My daughter who is now 19 has struggled with acne for years. No dermatologist, soap, oral medication or topical treatments have helped. My sister in law lives in Bur Ridge, IL. She purchased various items for me as a gift. I gave the White Chamomile soap to my daughter. I figured it couldn’t hurt considering how many things we had tried. After 30 days her acne is gone! I purchased 3 more bars for her yesterday. We are both amazed and shocked your soap cleared her acne when we had almost given up!

We live in San Diego. Your products and philosophy would be very successful in CA.

Thank you for creating products that really work!”

Carla C.

I am in love love love with each and every product of yours I have tried so far. I loved the hair serum from the beginning. I just bought more bc I want my friend to try it ... and of course the soaps and lip balm are fantastic. 

I really like the rose hip night cream and have been using it but I just showered and used my shea butter cream and am in heaven... I think I have an addiction!

I just wanted to thank you again for these really unique products and the fantastic customer service... I am a loyal customer.