“Summers coming! So less is more, right?”

“Summers coming! So less is more, right?”

Often times as the seasons change, we consider slight adjustments in our life. The colors we decide to wear change — cue the holiday red in December and pastel pinks in the spring. We start using that lighter weight comforter during the summer months and most commonly, we ease up our skincare routine when the cold months are over and we no longer need “thick and hydrating” creams since our skin is “less dry.” Though all of these thoughts may be common knowledge or traditional ways of thinking, when it comes to skincare, we have to debunk the myths.

Skin makes for the largest organ on the human body. That’s right, an ORGAN! Organ’s are more than just the parts inside our body and our skin is the most essential to preserve and protect — all year round. Our skin serves as a barrier to protect us from harsh chemicals, pollutants and sun-rays that can be damaging. For this reason, we encourage you to treat your body with kindness. Don’t just wait until the thick of winter to lather on our body butter every night or mid-summer to sleep with our natural heel balm and socks. It’s important to establish an ongoing body care routine every day of the week all year long to avoid the flare ups, the dryness and the irritation that changing seasons can reveal at times.

What’s more important than solid skincare you can depend on? Investing in all natural products. We would never create products we don’t believe in and you likely wouldn’t be a believer yourself had a friend not gifted you a MION gift box for your birthday or had you not stopped and talked to us at a farmer’s market one time. What I’m getting at is our products were born from a problem needing a solution. Our solutions just happen to be in the cleanest, purest form. Have you ever been prescribed a medication and when you look it up the warning label tells you all the things that could go wrong with using it? Our products don’t work as a cause and effect! You don’t purchase our best selling facial moisturizer and one of associates says, “By the way, using this product may result with a rash on your elbow.” Now I can admit using a natural deodorant may cause a detox smell not all can bare🤭but that’s for another blog post.

If you can take away one thing, invest in yourself, invest in your routine and stay consistent with your skincare. Protect your skin using natural, chemical-free products and let the results reveal themselves! If you’re ever in stores, one of our associates will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have or reach out on social media for a quick reply on any skincare questions. Signing off for now!

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