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Lavender Bath Milk | Nourishing, Hydrating, Calming, Rejuvenating

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Immerse Yourself in Tranquility with Our Natural Colorado Whole Milk Bath

Experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our Natural Bath Milk, meticulously crafted to provide you with a blissful escape. Enriched with the finest ingredients from nature, including natural Colorado whole milk, baking soda, corn starch, and the soothing essence of lavender essential oil, this bath milk is designed to transform your bathing routine into a serene oasis of calm.

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits:

  1. Natural Colorado Whole Milk: Packed with essential nutrients, our locally sourced whole milk nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it velvety smooth and radiant.

  2. Baking Soda: Gently exfoliates and cleanses, promoting a renewed and refreshed complexion.

  3. Corn Starch: Softens the water and envelops your skin in a delicate, silky cocoon of comfort.

  4. Lavender Essential Oil: Infused with the calming aroma of lavender, this essential oil soothes your senses, eases tension, and promotes relaxation for both body and mind.


Our Natural Bath Milk offers a host of benefits:

  • Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Gently exfoliates, unveiling a brighter and smoother complexion.
  • Creates a tranquil and aromatic bathing experience, inducing a sense of calm.
  • Relieves stress and tension, promoting relaxation and a peaceful state of mind.

Directions for Use:

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water to your desired level.
  2. Before adding the Natural Bath Milk, give the bottle a gentle shake to ensure an even mixture of ingredients.
  3. Slowly pour a generous amount of the bath milk into the running water, allowing it to disperse.
  4. Use your hand to swirl the water, ensuring that the ingredients are well-mixed.
  5. Step into the soothing embrace of your bath and let the calming scent envelop you.
  6. Take this time to unwind and let go of stress as the tranquil atmosphere embraces you.
  7. After your serene soak, gently pat your skin dry to reveal its newfound softness and glow.

Transform your bath into a sanctuary of relaxation with our Natural Colorado Whole Milk Bath. Elevate your self-care routine and let the harmonious blend of ingredients whisk you away into a world of tranquility. Indulge in the luxury of nature's finest elements and emerge refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world.

Handcrafted with love in small batches.

Ingredients: natural Colorado whole milk, baking soda, corn starch, lavender essential oil, lavender buds

Weight: 17 fl oz.


Lavender Bath Milk | Nourishing, Hydrating, Calming, Rejuvenating