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Baby Care Gift Box | Small

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Our Baby Care Essentials Gift Set, a carefully curated selection to cater to your baby's delicate needs. This thoughtfully composed set includes the essentials for a loving and natural skincare routine.

Diaper Cream: Keep your baby's skin comfortable and protected with our gentle Diaper Cream. Crafted with care, it forms a soothing barrier against irritation and discomfort.

Natural Baby Soap: Make bath time a gentle and joyful experience with our Natural Baby Soap. Designed with tenderness in mind, it cleanses your baby's skin while maintaining its natural softness.

Baby Bath Tea: Elevate bath time into a calming ritual with our Baby Bath Tea. Enriched with gentle botanicals, it envelops your baby in a soothing embrace, ensuring relaxation and contentment.

Our Baby Care Essentials Gift Set embodies our commitment to providing the best for your baby's skincare. Embrace the beauty of natural care and create cherished moments of comfort and connection with your little one. Whether it's for your own baby or as a heartfelt gift, this set captures the essence of gentle and loving care for your baby's delicate skin.


Inside the box: Diaper Cream, Natural Baby Soap, Baby Bath Tea

Baby Care Gift Box | Small